Tips for Writing a Personal Essay

The classes are resuming after the break, and everyone is trying to catch up with their school responsibilities. It includes the counselors and the students. By this time, most of the high school students are working on submitting their university applications. All this might seem overpowering, but that is why we are here to help you with the process.

One of the hardest parts when completing your college application is writing a personal essay. It cannot be completed in a few minutes or even hours. You will need to spend days fine-tuning every sentence, making sure that it is well written and conveys the most about you to the admissions committee. A personal statement is not something you can simply write and forget about. It requires time and effort to come up with a good piece of writing, and it needs you to be prepared for all possible questions from your peers or family members.

Whether you are wondering how to begin doing this type of writing, read this piece to the end. Some essential points will help you write a good essay.

Key points in writing a personal essay

  • Say something new

An essay should be more than the transcripts and your other curriculum activities. Tell us something fresh, something that we are not aware of. Do not paraphrase what you have achieved because we already have your academic documents and other extracurricular activities. There is always more to a person than the examination scores.

  • Reason outside the box

Express yourself very well. It may be the only chance for the university to focus on you alone and hear you out. So do not limit yourself. Your academic scores and other curriculum activities are irreversible. Meaning you cannot change their state. The essay will be the only thing to help you have the best cutting edge compared to other students. It will make you stand out. It can either boost your application or worsen it.

  • Be skillful

The essay tells more about you. So when you have a skill that differentiates you from the rest, use it to your advantage but then don’t overdo it. If your schoolmates and friends perhaps say you are funny then be skillful and use. If drawing makes you stand out, then use it.

  • Focus your essay on you

During writing, be selfish. It means that it is your time to focus on yourself and you alone. Do not talk about irrelevant matters. For example, don’t tell us about the achievements of your family members. Tell us how this has helped you grow as a person, how they have supported you and helped you become the best version of yourself.

  • Advice from other people

Get advice from other people and will help because they are your family. Friends, academic counselors know a lot about you. These people know you so well that they understand what differentiates you from the rest. However, do not let them write your essays because it will be noticeable. A young person will write an essay, and perhaps an eighteen-year-old is very different from how a more senior person will write the same article, let’s say a forty-five-year-old person.

  • Be yourself

Do not write what you want the admission counselors to read. Every person has a different perception of the same issue. So be honest and be yourself.

Your passion only can give you the cutting edge.

  • Edit your work before submitting it

Proofread your work before submitting it. You can also give it to other people to get different opinions as long as they don’t interfere with your essay’s contents. This review will help in the grammatical errors and also communication skills. The piece has to be perfect. Treat it as an assignment, and this will motivate you to work on it thoroughly. Correct all the errors and submit a clean piece


The essay should be perfect because your academic life and career depend on it. Give it your best because you have nothing to lose. It can never leave you worse off; instead, it will make you a better person in so many aspects. As you continue with your education journey, strive for the best essays. Write a piece that will let the reader get a clear picture of your personality.

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